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Poetry 2024

Poets are invited to submit works on the theme

Our 2024 Poetry Juror is

         Anita Skeen

Anita Skeen MSU.jpg


Poetry submissions are limited to one or two 8 ½ x 11 page 

    (with minimum .5 inch margins) 

    Limit of two poems per poet for 2024.  

Entry fee:  $10 for one poem; $15 for two.


Poems accepted for inclusion in the festival will be presented in book form, accompanied by images of many of the visual art entries.

Winning poems will be read at the awards presentation.

We also plan to offer an opportunity for other participating poets to read their work.


 Poetry books from 2023 and previous years are available at the church.     Suggested donation is $5. 


Anita Skeen is a professor emerita at the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (RCAH)  and director emerita of the Center for Poetry.  She has taught writing workshops in a wide variety of other settings, including with K-12 students and at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, where she serves as director of the Creative Arts Program.

Anita is the author of six published volumes of poetry, including Never the Whole Story (2011) and The Unauthorized Audubon (2014), a collection of poems about imaginary birds accompanied by the linocuts of anthropologist/visual artist Laura B. DeLind.  Her fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous literary magazines and anthologies. 

We are delighted to welcome Anita

to the Westminster Art Festival!

Unauth Audubon.jpg
Anita Skeen (preferred photo).jpg

FIRST PRIZE          $300


THIRD PRIZE        $100

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