INSTRUCTOR:   Kay Preston Severson                    LOCATION:     Westminster Presbyterian Church


       "Practice"     Spring 2022 - dates tba         

        Cost $70 per session  (5 classes)

Come experience the many facets of watercolor painting.  It is an exciting medium, full of surprises for the artist.  During these hands-on-classes, you will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of both conventional and unconventional tools, techniques, and material while exploring the basic elements of works of Art.


Basic: We begin this series of classes with the types of watercolor tools and material available and where to purchase them.  We go on to explore the components of a painting: shape, value, color, and texture through drawing and painting as the foundation for creating a dynamic piece of Art. You will be offered enough information to continue painting and exploring on your own.


It is strongly suggested that students take "Basic" classes before "Practice" classes.


Practice:  In this series of classes, we continue to build on the concepts learned in the Basic classes to create unique, personal pieces in one of 4 categories of paintings: landscapes, seascapes, florals, or still life.  Each student will work from their own reference material, deciding how and where various components are used in their painting.  Non-traditional materials, techniques and tools will be introduced.  Information for matting and framing 2-D Art pieces will be given.


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Instructor:  Kay has been watercolor painting for 17 years, and teaching watercolor painting classes for the past 5 years.  She has Art and Education as undergrad majors and studied watercolor painting with nationally known watercolor artists Frankie Wheeler, Sterling Edwards, Ann Painter and Don Marek.  She has had watercolor pieces accepted into juried Art shows and received awards, as well as having done commissioned pieces.  Her work is available at the Art On The Town Gallery in Pentwater, MI.


Kay says “I feel strongly that students who are interested in Art, and particularly in watercolor need to be exposed to the variety of materials and techniques available, and then have the opportunity to explore and decide for themselves what kind of result they wish to produce.  Many Art teachers present students with a very narrow, mainly personal viewpoint with the expectation that the students’ work will look like that of the teacher.  My goal is for students to be confident in their ability and vision to explore on their own and create independently.”


Former students say: “Take this class!”  “Not only will you learn more but enhance what you already have.”  “Opened up many aspects of watercolor painting for me.”  “I learned so much.”


OPENING EVENT 2021  May 1, 2021

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featuring local Celtic band Selkie


Cara Lieurance, Michele Venegas, James Spalink