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2021 Poetry


The Air We Breathe                             by Marirose Rehagen

The air we breathe, the ins and outs of it all

The cool air that embraces me, enters me,

                          Refreshing me

                                                    I welcome you in me.

Maybe there is One God that rests above, beyond all the names for God

                                          we create

Even above and beyond the names for the God I deeply Love

                           Father, Son and Holy Spirit


The air we breathe, the trees breathe, in and out, up and down

The same air I breathe the trees breathe

The birds, the bees, the plants and animals that inhabit our whole Earth,


We all breathe together, mostly not knowing from where it comes

                         or where it goes.

                         Who lived with it for a precious moment

                         Who released it for all to share

We breathe.  We live.

The wildest of animals breathe, the closest of animals we hold and love


Everything, everyone breathes....somehow, some way

                         we breathe in the BREATH OF LIFE.

Whose life?

Children starving, breathe.  Wounded warriors, breathe.

Tibetan monks, construction workers, flowers, snakes, and creepy

crawling things breathe.

                                     Our Whole Creation Breathes ALL the TIME

                                                 In and out, up and down

                                                 in darkness and in light

                                                              WE, CREATION, BREATHE

The air we breathe has been inside the folks we know and those we never heard of....

                        some breathing still, some long gone

Scientists, Authors, Doctors, Saints, Popes, Inventors, Artists, Hungers,

Healers, ALL

                                      Our whole Earth Breathes

Each in and out of air I live in embraces our whole Earth Mother and


                          thing we know or have yet to discover breathes.

                                          Even the oceans and mountains, fields and plains

                                                     We all share the breath of Life

                          We live in and through and by the BREATH of LIFE

                                                    Until we ARE the BREATH OF LIFE

                                         Until finally we exhale and give All of it Back

                Each moment, each year, each age we receive and we give back

                          We ARE One Body .... more fully when we know it.

                                     More fully when we consciously share it.


156914924_2407983419347381_4035044582259538556_o (3).jpg


Cloud Of Unknowing               by Karin Larsen

A walking meditation

High above the Hudson River

On the holy grounds

Of the Cloisters - 

A gathering of medieval monasteries

Candle lit and quarried stone

As the Unicorn records its story -

My heart responds

To the rhythm of prayer

Walking among the borage,

Coriander and hemlock

Lifting their fragrances

As prayer.


A Storm of Blondes         by Renee Szostek

My beige raincoat sets

off my dark hair: protection

against the blonde reign.

More poetry:

We have created a book that includes all 2021 poems submitted as well as pictures of the art from the exhibit.  The book is available at the church.
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