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Artists are invited to submit work on the theme:   

Our 2024 Visual Art juror is Conrad Kaufman.

Well-known local artist Conrad Kaufman began his artistic career in the in the 1990’s as a mural painter, and soon found himself with many commissions.  His murals can be seen in public spaces throughout the Kalamazoo area.  Eventually, to fulfil a personal creative need, he turned to painting the landscape of Southwest Michigan on canvas.  In recent years, his work has expanded into other media, including metal and wood as well as paint... still influenced by the landscapes of Michigan and the organic forms of nature.

The focus of his work, and the background that influences it, make Conrad an ideal juror for an exhibit whose theme is "Grounded."


He says, “I spent my childhood on a remarkable farm outside of Bangor, MI.  My parents called the farm the School of Homesteading and used it for teaching young people organic farming and self-sufficiency.  It was a real working farm where the weather and seasons guided the work we undertook. A farm and livelihood that resulted in cold fee and fingers in winter, the wonderful flavor of maple syrup in spring, sweat and sore muscles from summer haying followed by a farm fresh BLT, and autumn’s storing of firewood in the midst of Michigan’s kaleidoscope of colors.”

You can read more about Conrad Kauffman and his work on his website.


conrad kaufman.jpg
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